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Consistent Company Overview

Consistent Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Indian Information Technology and Consumer Electronic Product Company which began its journey in the year of 2011. Within a short span in the industry, our valued customers has made us a prominent and credulous company. A trusted brand and an organisation with repute marched ahead for last eight years with its trajectory growth.
Consistent Infosystems Pvt. Ltd has become a star performer backing a strong brand name “CONSISTENT” in the industry with its quality superiority. We have earned this designation and reputation through sheer excellence and consumer satisfaction . Distinguished for our high-quality products and prompt after-sale service support “CONSISTENT” has created brand equity for itself that is truly commendable across the country.
Our immense success stems from our ability to improve, innovate and constantly re-orient ourselves propelling “CONSISTENT” to remain at the helm of this niche market. With consistency and tenacity to broader product line by adding new products every year we have given ourselves a leading edge amongst companies with a similar product line.
Consistent is built on five core values that shape the way we do business with our customers, our partners and with each other. They express the company we want Consistent to be – from the people we hire to the way we design our products – and they guide us in the decisions we make every day.
  • A passion to make our customers and partners successful.
  • The integrity to do what is right
  • The innovation to create value based products for our customers
  • The transparency that creates mutual trust, and productive working relationship
  • The humility to view our success as milestones and failures as opportunities.

Consistent VISION

To be established as the most trusted brand in the field of Information Technology and Consumer Electronics with innovative technology that adds colours to lives.

Consistent Mission

To take full ownership of what we do, the products we deliver, to protect those who trust us, to provide ultimate customer satisfaction, the quality that creates the benchmark and to create lifelong partners from every customer contact.

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