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An External Hard Disk is a data storage device that can be attached to computer through USB or Wirelessly. An External Hard Disk typically have a huge space to store data and are often used to images, Videos, Documents etc. that buyers need to be a portable for backup PC or serve as a network drive

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) utilizes magnetic storage to store and retrieve computerized information data media one or more rigid rapidly rotating platter coated with magnetic things.

An External hard drive also known as an external portable storage hard device.

Why would we use an External Hard disk

External Hard Disks are portable devices , easy to carry and use , can provide a huge space to store data whenever we need it like image, Document, Video, PDF etc. You can store the device any place you like and carry more files with you wherever you go.


Other benefits of owning an external drive is that they are extremely portable hard disk is that you can move them from PC to PC, Making them for sharing more things.


Because of their huge space for storage (often in gigabytes,terabytes), External hard disk used for backup files of computers and other things like song, movies, or photos collection to an external drive for safe keeping, several reasons as to why would we use and need this.

The most common hard disk interfaces include:

  • SATA
  • SCSI
  • USB
  • Fibre Channel

Will consistently hold responsibility for information

At the point when you back up the entirety of the information on your PC onto an outside hard drive, then, at that point, you will consistently hold responsibility for photographs, records, and recordings.

Many individuals will believe that this is as yet the situation when they use administrations like Google Drive, in any case, when perusing the fine print you will understand that this isn’t generally the situation. At the point when you transfer the entirety of this data into the workers, the organization that possesses the cloud administration will actually want to utilize your information in a wide range of ways for whatever reasons they need to. Obviously, Google can not get away photographs and guarantee them as their own however they can utilize them for different purposes – all since you consented to it when you chose to utilize their administrations.

Consistent external hard drive is a piece of equipment that can be connected to your computer to increase its storage space.

Unlike the hard drive that's installed in your computer, an external hard drive is portable and can also be used to store files from multiple devices.

Consistent external hard drives are easy to use, convenient, and an incredibly safe way to backup your most important files.


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