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Consistent Infosystems, a rapidly emerging Indian IT hardware manufacturing brand, has proudly introduced two revolutionary additions to their monitor lineup: the CTM2200 and CTM2400. These cutting-edge models are poised to redefine display excellence, boasting frameless designs and encased in elegant white bodies. As a key player in the IT, Electronic, and Home Entertainment Industry, Consistent Infosystems continues to innovate, delivering products that promise an unparalleled user experience.

Introducing the CTM2200: Mesmerizing Visuals

The CTM2200 monitor stands as a testament to Consistent Infosystems’ commitment to visual brilliance. With a generous 54.6cm wide display, users are treated to a captivating visual journey. The maximum resolution of 1920×1080 Full HD ensures crystal-clear clarity in every frame, whether you’re engrossed in work or entertainment. What’s more, the model emphasizes eco-friendliness without compromising on performance. Consuming a mere 21W of power, the CTM2200 is a beacon of energy efficiency. To further enhance the multimedia experience, the monitor features an inbuilt speaker that immerses you in a world of sound.

Unleashing the CTM2400: A New Realm of Visual Immersion

With the CTM2400, Consistent Infosystems takes visual immersion to a whole new echelon. Its wide form factor boasts a striking 60.5 cm display size, inviting users into a realm of lifelike images and vibrant colors. The maximum resolution of 1920×1080 Full HD ensures that even the most demanding tasks are executed with exceptional clarity. True to its commitment to eco-conscious design, the CTM2400 maintains power consumption of less than 24W, embodying a dedication to energy efficiency. Much like its counterpart, the CTM2400 features an inbuilt speaker, effectively doubling the immersive experience.

A Vision of Innovation: Consistent Infosystems’ Commitment

The launch of CTM2200 and CTM2400 underscores Consistent Infosystems’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology. Mr. Yogesh Agrawal, CEO & Co-Founder, and Mr. Nitin Bansal, Founder & MD, emphasize the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge products with enhanced quality. These monitors symbolize Consistent Infosystems’ continuous pursuit of state-of-the-art displays that enrich customers’ lives, combining functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony.


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Consistent Infosystems Private Limited has started their glorious journey in 2011 from the Capital city of India, New Delhi by visionary Mr. Nitin Bansal and Mr. Yogesh Aggarwal. Since the venture started Consistent Infosystems Private Limited has become one of the fastest growing organizations in the era of technology and already puts it’s remarkable footprints in the Information Technology, Electronics & Home Entertainment industry.


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