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An LED monitor, also known as a light-emitting diode display, is a flat-screen computer monitor or television with a light-emitting diode display. It has a shallow depth and is rather light in weight. The backlighting is the only difference between this and a standard LCD display. Instead of LEDs, the first LCD displays used CCFLs to illuminate the screen.

History of LED displays

James P. Mitchell is widely credited as the inventor of the first LED display, which he created in 1977. On March 18, 1978, the first LED display prototype was unveiled to the public at the SEF (Science and Engineering Fair) in Iowa. On May 8, 1978, it was screened again at the SEF in Anaheim, California. General Motors and NASA both recognised the prototype, which was 1/4-inch thick.


Although LED displays do not have wide viewing angles, you can be sure that your screen will be brighter in all directions.

Image Quality

LED monitors have a hard time reproducing the colour black accurately, yet they still offer a lot of contrast. An LED monitor’s viewing angle is also low, which might cause problems if you aren’t sitting precisely in front of it, causing the colours to appear odd. When it comes to gaming, viewing angles don’t really important, so if you’re sitting directly in front of the screen, you won’t notice much of a difference.

What’s the difference between LCD and LED monitors?


The term LCD refers to a liquid crystal display. It indicates the monitor’s active part is a layer of liquid sandwiched between two pieces of polarised glass. A light shines through the glass from behind the liquid, illuminating the crystals.


The term LED refers to a light-emitting diode. Home light bulbs, traffic lights, smartphone and laptop screens, and, of course, monitors all employ LEDs as a light source. For decades, LEDs that produce infrared light have been used in remote controllers. Your clock radio’s time display? Yes, those are also LEDs. LEDs are utilised as the backlight in monitors to illuminate the liquid crystal display. LED display monitors


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