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Surveillance cameras They can be found inside or outside, concealed or visible, hanging from the ceiling or a shelf. Security cameras are a common feature of both residential and commercial spaces. They notice and record things that we would prefer not to see but are grateful for regardless of where or how they are used.

The memory card is a crucial piece of equipment in these security cameras that enables us to view the images and videos that were captured. After all, we are recording video that may one day be required and beneficial. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that visuals are crisp and clear.

How can we ensure that the memory card we buy will meet our demands and provide high-quality images? We research the cards we’re interested in and look at a few key characteristics like their capacity, speed, and durability. We then decide on a brand we trust.


Read the owner’s manual, as the saying goes. It most likely contains some bits of knowledge regarding the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific model.

How will the camera be utilised after that? Will it record all the time or only when motion is detected? A high-capacity/high-endurance card is necessary for continuous use; on-motion use does not.

Next, think about the camera’s resolution. Videos at high resolution (1080p or 4k) require more storage.

Let’s just say that there are useable storage options on the card that vary from 32GB to 512GB.

As you most likely already know, there are many sizes of microSD cards. The SD cards themselves make these quite transparent. It can be challenging to determine the optimal capacity to purchase because it can differ greatly based on the use case. You will need to purchase greater capacity cards if you intend to record high-quality video feeds and keep them for extended periods of time, like weeks. This is because the video will consume more storage space. The majority of cameras allow you to lower the recorded video quality, but doing so may later prove to be costly since you might not be able to acquire much information when zooming in or reviewing the video.


With security cameras, you actually only care about the write speed, which is the rate at which the card writes (records) data to its memory. A memory card’s speed rate is based on its read/write speed. The purpose of having the camera would be defeated if the video interrupted or became sluggish at a speed that was too slow.

The majority of security cameras are made to work with microSD cards. We shall restrict the card speed talk to them just as a result. Modern microSD cards have more storage space, enabling longer video recordings (perfect for continuous-use security cameras). You don’t want to be concerned about slow speeds and missed frames when shooting in High Definition or 4K UHD. Attempt to find cards with minimum write speeds of 70MB/s that support UHS-I Video Speed Class (V30).


It makes sense that cameras that are always filming require a memory card that can withstand the constant use. Memory cards that can endure temperature extremes, damp conditions, and strong winds are also necessary for cameras that are placed outdoors and exposed to the elements.

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