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A CPU fan is a dedicated fan that helps keep the processor cool. A Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main microchip in a computer. Internal electrical energy is used to generate heat in processors. The higher the demand on a CPU, the harder it works and the hotter it becomes. If the CPU becomes too hot, it can cause faults and finally ‘melt,’ rendering it unusable. To prevent this, a CPU fan works in tandem with a heat sink.

A heat sink is a metal device that lies directly on the CPU and draws heat away from the chip into its cooler, fin-like aluminium structure. Air is drawn through the fins by the CPU fan, which is attached to the heat sink. The fan indirectly cools the CPU by dispersing heat drawn into the heat sink.

How to install a fan

Depending on the type of CPU fan, CPU, and motherboard, the steps to install a CPU fan can vary significantly. Some CPU fans are directly connected to the heat sink, which is subsequently connected to the motherboard. Other CPU fans have a built-in heat sink and are connected to the motherboard as a whole.

The proper installation steps can be found in the instructions that came with the CPU fan. Make sure the CPU fan is placed correctly and facing the right direction for proper airflow by carefully following the installation steps.

Types of fans found in a computer

The many types of fans found within a computer, as well as the computer hardware components that require fans to function properly, are listed here.

  • Case fan – Inside a computer case, a fan on the side of the casing. It aids in the circulation of air within the computer casing and the removal of hotter air.
  • CPU fan – a computer processor with a fan on top of it It pulls and blows heated air away from the processor, keeping it cool.
  • Power supply fan -a fan that is housed within a power supply. The power supply fan exhausts hotter air from the power supply and the computer.
  • Video card fan – a video card with a fan It prevents more powerful video cards from overheating, which is especially important when playing video games, editing movies, or performing other GPU- or graphic-intensive tasks.


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