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mSATA is a flash storage device with a compact form factor that may be utilised as a hard disc drive in a host computer system. The mSATA drive must be connected into a specific connector on the host system. The mSATA can be used to store operating systems, applications, and other data, just like conventional flash storage devices.

An mSATA SSD is a smaller version of a conventional SSD that is meant for use in portable, low-power devices like laptops, tablets, and netbooks. M.2 SSDs are increasingly replacing mSATA SSDs, which can still be found in older laptops and devices. Commercial items such as digital signage and point-of-sale devices still use the mSATA SSD flash storage device.

How is mSATA used?

MSATA SSDs were created for applications where their small form factor would be advantageous, such as ultra-thin notebooks. MSATA devices can also serve as cache drives, allowing users to access frequently used data and applications faster.

Another benefit of Industrial mSATA is its extended lifespan. In many cases, the life cycles of industrial flash storage devices exceed five years. Because manufacturing units are built using the same Bill-Of-Material for many years, only one certification is necessary.

All of the benefits of the Industrial mSATA come at a premium cost. The memory and controller technology required to satisfy the stringent requirements is costly. As a result, the Industrial mSATA is much more costly than the standard mSATA.

What is the difference between M.2 SSD vs. mSATA SSD?

Some of the differences between M.2 and mSATA SSDs include:

  • MSATA SSDs only support the SATA interface, whereas M.2 SSDs can support both SATA and PCIe.
  • Unlike mSATA SSDs, which only come in one size, the newer M.2 form factor provides a variety of sizes. There are other half-size mSATA SSDs available. They measure 30.1 mm by 26.8 mm and offer read and write speeds of up to 152 MBps and 64 MBps, respectively.
  • An M.2 SSD is quicker because it has a higher data rate than a mSATA SSD, which is limited to 6 Gbps. A PCIe-based M.2 SSD can handle up to four PCIe lanes at up to 1 Gbps per lane.
  • Performance is also improved by using two SSDs. They support NVMe, which can improve speed and minimise latency when compared to devices that employ the ATA or Small Computer System Interface command set.
  • Despite the fact that both types of SSDs have a compact form factor, M.2 drives generally have more storage capacity.
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