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Security and protection are a necessity today.  CONSISTENT was launched with the belief that the future needs to be smarter, better, and best for mankind. It has remained firm on this ideology and has innovated products that align with the modern needs of households and commercial properties.   

It features IP 66, completely weather-proof. It gives three access adjustment housing and a strong single-anti-interference ability. The operating temperature has a range of 10 C to 50C.

It is quite hard to find important institutions and places of information to operate without cameras. Consistent CCTV cameras are the most employed and highly resourceful cameras that can surveil and detect any possible threats. You can find these closed-circuit television cameras in various sizes, colours, materials and brands. They also come with unique features and advantages along with easily-installable attributes. One of the advantages of using these is that you can instantly view the video footage of the camera installed from anywhere as they can be accessed easily over internet connectivity. Whether you want to avoid any theft or crime happening either at your home or workplace or if you want to analyse a situation, CCTVs are one such helpful devices that aid in sorting out most of the critical scenarios. A range of brands sell CCTV cameras online and some of the most popular and trusted ones include Smitch, D-Link, 360, ASEN, SROPX, etc., to name a few. You can avail any type of cameras such as Dome, Bullet, HD, Infrared, Wireless, PTZ-pan tilt, IP, C-Mount, Day/Night, HD, etc., from any of these brands online. Keep looking for sales or offers as purchasing them for discounts can avail you of huge savings.

Types of CCTV Cameras

Consistent has two types of CCTV Camera

  1. Dome
  2. Bullet

Consistent CCTV Cameras fully IP 66 Complete weatherproof, 3 axis adjustment housing, strong single anti-interference ability, Operating Temperature- 10C-50C & 12V 10%DC Input. Consistent CCTV Camera working in warm vision & night vision.

Why Choose us?

Our Consistent CCTV surveillance camera systems are trusted by more than 50,000 businesses, universities and government facilities & residential customers. Enjoy superior quality cameras, 2 Years warranty, Money Back Guarantee & unlimited support from industrty’s #1 Tech Support Team.


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Consistent Infosystems Private Limited has started their glorious journey in 2011 from the Capital city of India, New Delhi by visionary Mr. Nitin Bansal and Mr. Yogesh Aggarwal. Since the venture started Consistent Infosystems Private Limited has become one of the fastest growing organizations in the era of technology and already puts it’s remarkable footprints in the Information Technology, Electronics & Home Entertainment industry.


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