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As technology advances, the number and types of components of high-efficiency telecommunications networks are also changing. One component essential to the smooth operation of any network is the network switch. There are two main types of switches to choose from-regular network switches or Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches. To ensure that you make an informed decision that best meets your equipment needs, we have created a comprehensive guide on PoE switches and their uses.

What is POE Switch?

When the device is connected to the network, it needs two inputs: a power cord and a network cable. PoE is a technology that allows Ethernet cables to transmit power. One of the other advantages of structured cabling is that it can be used to transmit power using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. PoE is useful for devices such as wireless network repeaters or IP security cameras because they are usually installed on high walls or ceilings, away from the nearest power outlet. Using PoE means they can use a single Ethernet cable to transmit voice, data, and power.

What Devices Can Use PoE?

PoE provides value for devices and networks that require power but also involve the transmission of data. The number of devices controlled remotely and requiring data is increasing exponentially as companies take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). The number of IoT devices connected worldwide is expected to reach 75 billion by 2025!

This rapid expansion of network-connected devices will only increase the importance of PoE technology to most networking infrastructures.

While PoE has numerous applications, the three most common areas of implementation are currently:

  • VoIP Phones: VoIP phones are the original PoE devices, and PoE allows a single connection to a wall socket and the ability to power off remotely
  • IP Cameras: Security camera technology is constantly evolving, and one of the improvements is the use of PoE, which enables rapid deployment and simple repositioning.
  • Wireless: Numerous remote passageways are PoE viable, considering far off situating. RFID readers are additionally PoE viable, which considers simple movement.

A more recent technology that benefits from PoE is smart home automation. This includes LED lighting, heating and cooling systems, appliances, voice assistants, and electric car charging stations.

A newer technology that benefits from PoE is sensible home automation. This includes LED lighting, heating and cooling systems, appliances, voice assistants, and electric charging stations.

Low Watt PoE devices

  • VoiP and Video Phones
  • IP cameras
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Audio Devices
  • Remote Computer Terminals and Thin Clients

    High Watt PoE devices

    • TVs
    • Computer Monitors
    • Laptops

    How does PoE Switches Works? 

    A power over ethernet (PoE) switch design is easy to understand, owing to its simple construction. The switch features several ethernet ports to ensure consistent power supply and network communications to devices connected to it. These switches may be operated in any of the following configurations:

    Mode A Configuration: In this configuration, the switch delivers power and data through the same wire.

    Mode B Configuration: In this configuration, the switch delivers power and data through different wires.

    Most industrial PoE switches feature 5 or 8 ports, whereas non-industrial PoE Ethernet Switch may have 8, 24 or 48 ports. These switches are classified into two types – managed and unmanaged switches.

    Three Reasons to Consider PoE Switches for Your Industrial Applications

    These switches have gained immense popularity in recent years, owing to the following benefits that they offer.


    Unlike other traditional power distribution sources, the use of PoE switches combine the power distribution on a single source. These switches are always compatible and can be used to reset or disable devices. Additionally, these switches can be equipped with an uninterrupted power supply.


    The PoE switch connections requires no additional cables, because it transmits data and power through the ethernet cable. The devices connected to the switch can be easily repositioned to a new location as per the requirement. The powerful combination of wireless technology and PoE creates a cable-free environment, which assures hassle-free working of devices connected to them.


    The PoE switch reduces the need for additional electrical power cabling, as in other traditional technologies. These switches can be easily fitted anywhere, and they require no expert intervention for installation. All these assure significant savings in terms of installation costs, maintenance costs, and human efforts.

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