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Security surveillance camera cables can be one of the most difficult parts of setting up a surveillance system. The type of security camera cable you need will depend entirely on what system you have and the tasks you are trying to accomplish. If you have an analog system or an IP system, you’ll use different kinds of cables.

While there is some variation, here are the most common security camera cable types used for each setup.

Consistent 70Mtr/90 Mtr  CCTV Cable 3+1 Outdoor / Indoor  Works with All Brand CCTV Cameras

  • Consistent Full 70Mtr/90Mtr CCTV 3+1 Copper Cable 1Pcs USEWELL CCTV Cable is a Multicore CCTV Camera Copper Conductor Cable mainly used for CCTV Surveillance Systems.
  • Length of USEWELL 3+1 CCTV Copper Cable is 90Mtr which is all in one for CCTV connections. There are multiple wires in Cable such as Wires for Video, Audio and Power Supply.
  • It makes an easy connection between your surveillance cameras to your power supply and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with this cable. 100% Pure Copper Wire includes Hard Copper Video Wire with Breading Alloy, 2 Multi Stand Copper Wires for Power Supply, and 1 Multi Stand Copper Wire for Audio. High-Quality Branded Product.
  • Use of CCTV cable is to transmit video signals through BNC connectors and power supply through DC connectors connected with cable for CCTV Security Cameras. Use with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) applications and security camera components.
  • USEWELL CCTV cable is perfect for transmitting video and power. Simplify the installation of surveillance systems by using one cable to transmit video and power.

Consistent CCTV Camera Cable 3+1 Coaxial in Full Copper All in One Wire Includes Power Supply + Video + Audio 1. Hard Copper Video Wire with Breding Alloy 2. 2 Multi Stand Copper Wires for Power Supply 3. 1 Multi Stand Copper Wire for Audio



Cat 6 Outdoor / Indoor Cable 305Mtr/105Mtr


Consistent Cat 6 is a type of twisted pair cable generally used particularly in gigabit (Gb) Ethernet-primarily based computer networks. In 2002, it become mutually defined and special with the aid of the Electronics Industries affiliation and Telecommunication Industries affiliation (EIA/TIA).

The Cat 6 cable is absolutely backward and well suited with previous variations, inclusive of the category 5/5e and category three cabling requirements.

Explain Category 6 Cable (CAT6)

Cat 6 Cable is used substantially for computer networks reaching a Gb, 1000 Mbps, or one Gbps of data transfer speed( DTR) or advanced. Characteristics are as follows:

  1. Consists of four variants of Copper cables, which are all utilized for data transfer.
  2. Provides bandwidth of 250 MHz, speed up to 10 Gbps and may be stretched to 100 measures in length.
  3. Provides further enhanced crosstalk and attenuation protection than its former crooked brace string performances.
    The Cat 6 string is supported by Ethernet networksincluding 10BaseT, 100Base- TX, 1000 Base– T and 10 GBase-T.

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